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Stop the Stink - Total Body Deodorizer

All Odor Starts On The Inside STOP THE STINK ‰ÛÒ’Total’Body’Deodorizer works from the inside out to eliminate’body, bad breath, fecal odor and many report that foot odor is eliminated as well.’Body’odors are caused by the breakdown of bacteria, which give off smelly byproducts. This revolutionary new formula stops unwanted’body’odors before they even start. Just two capsules per day balances your’bodychemistry.

The Proven Power of Chlorophyllin’is derived from natural plant chlorophyll. Studies over the past 60 years have shown it to be an effective but incomplete solution to neutralizing body odors. While it helps reduce body odors, it doesn’t completely eliminate them. That’s why we added..

Breakthrough Mushroom Odor Control Mushrooms, one of the oldest life forms on the planet, have the astonishing ability to clean and transform their surrounding environment. These humble fungi have recently been put to use cleaning up oil spills, breaking down toxic chemicals, and decontaminating radiation. When used to filter septic systems, they eradicate odor-causing bacteria.

Mushrooms don’t just mask odors. They completely neutralize them. Mushrooms take in odor-causing bacteria and bacterial waste products and break them down, leaving the host environment clean and odor free.

Whether you are concerned about body odor, bad breath, foot odor, or even stinky poop, two capsules a day of STOP THE STINK Total Body Deodorizer is all it takes to eradicate odors and keep you feeling fresh.

Mushrooms can clean and transform entire ecosystems ‰Û_ including the ecosystem that is your body. If mushrooms can clean up oil spills, break down toxins and radiation, and filter septic systems, then neutralizing body odor is easy!

What’s the difference between STOP THE STINK Total Body Deodorizer and other products

Deodorizing sprays target a single body part. Bad breath, underarm perspiration, smelly feet, even bathroom odors if you can smell it, there’s a spray for it. But sprays only cover up odors by using a strong fragrance; they don’t eliminate the cause.

Most anti-odor supplements primarily use chlorophyllin. We do, too! That’s because chlorophyllin, naturally derived from plant chlorophyll, is a great start. It’s clinically shown to help lessen bathroom odors. But it

doesn’t totally eliminate them. The game-changer in’STOP‘THE’STINK-Total Body Deodorizer is a well studied Japanese mushroom blend. Cutting-edge research shows that mushrooms neutralize odor-causing bacteria and their smelly byproducts from head to toe.

Take Action! You Won’t Regret It!’THE SCIENTIFIC DATA showed a difference’in’21 days‘or less. That’s why you get a full 90 days to decide if’STOP‘THE’STINK-Total Body Deodorizer is for you. If you’re anything less than thrilled, return the item’within 90 days’from the order date and we’ll refund every penny of your purchase price (less shipping and handling). No hassles, no questions asked.

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