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Say Goodbye to the Cravings That Derail Your Diet

Whether it’s a milkshake, French fries, bread, or a piece of chocolate cake, just the thought of these delicious foods sets off a craving that can derail your diet. But now there’s an easy, natural way to take the edge off your cravings, stop the bloating, and reduce the fatigue associated with the most common diets.


Keep Your Weight Loss Goals on Track

  • This natural formula makes you feel better than ever!
  • Stops the cravings!
  • Keeps your weight loss goals on track!

Maximum Craving and Bloating Control


3 Truths About Dieting Failure

When diets fail to deliver the weight loss goals we set, we often think it’s our fault … or the diet wasn’t right for me … or

Truth #1

Your Struggles With Food Cravings Have Nothing to Do With Willpower!

In one study, researchers showed dieters a picture of their favorite food. When they did, the dieters immediately experienced intense cravings for that food.

The cause? A PET scan revealed that the hippocampus – a part in the brain – lit up. If you’ve ever seen the Strip in Las Vegas from a plane, you know what this scan looked like. Bright lights in the middle of nowhere.

This told the researchers one thing – the dieters’ cravings were hard-wired in their brain.

But that’s not all. The researchers also found that willpower actually made the cravings worse. The dieters gained up to 50% more when they tried to fight the cravings!

Fortunately, you can help your brain not react when you think of your favorite junk foods.



Because they help normalize cortisol levels, the herbs Rhodiola and Mulberry may reduce cravings for those unhealthy “comfort foods.” They also may delay fat-accumulation that is tied to high cortisol levels – the hormone that stimulates the hippocampus to light up on PET scans.

  • Keto Crave Control contains Rhodiola and Mulberry Leaf Extract


Truth #2

Not All Carbohydrates Cause Weight Gain

Like chocolate, the biggest culprit in causing weight gain is high glucose levels in your blood. But sugar isn’t the only cause of these high levels. Refined carbohydrates, such as refined grain products, cause weight gain by turning to glucose during digestion.

However, complex carbohydrates, such as fruits, legumes, and whole grains, don’t have the same effect. They have enough fiber to slow down the carbohydrate conversion to sugar so you don’t see the glucose, insulin, and dopamine spikes.

In fact, some carbohydrates never turn to glucose. These are called resistant starches. Resistant starch cannot be digested and they move unchanged to the large intestine. These types of starches are actually good for your body, as they serve as a prebiotic in the large intestine.

By focusing any carbohydrate consumption on complex carbs, and not refined carbs, you can avoid the sugar, insulin, and dopamine spikes that create food cravings.



By blocking the digestion of complex carbs, white kidney bean extract makes carbohydrates indigestible, reducing your carbohydrate load and the amount of glucose that makes it to your bloodstream.

  • Keto Crave Control contains White Kidney Bean Extract


Truth #3

Chocolate Cravings Are Not About a “Sweet Tooth”

When you eat fatty, sugary foods like chocolate, it sends a flood of dopamine into your brain. Dopamine produces a sense of mild euphoria and well-being. That’s what makes food cravings so hard to resist.

The problem is dopamine levels drop just as fast they spike. This leaves you feeling run down, stressed, and even a little depressed.

That’s when your cravings start – your brain wants that rush of dopamine. So the next time someone says they have a “sweet tooth” and want some chocolate – you’ll know what’s really going on. They don’t really crave chocolate. Their brain is craving that feeling of happiness and well-being the dopamine rush provides.



Chromium picolinate optimizes insulin function and prevents swings in blood glucose levels that may be responsible for cravings. One double-blind, placebo-controlled study demonstrated that it can reduce cravings caused by spikes in blood glucose, which results in the spike and subsequent drop in dopamine levels. Controlling your sugar levels can balance your dopamine levels.

  • Keto Crave Control contains Chromium Picolinate


We often think that changing our diets means cutting things out. But to maximize your diet’s effects, you may need to add a few things in. This is why people love Keto Crave Control. It can help you feel great in the short-term as you make changes that will transform your health for the long-term. It can reduce bloating. It can help you avoid the cravings associated with high glucose levels, insulin spikes, and the flood of dopamine that comes from eating refined carbs.


Keto Crave Control contains a proprietary formula of Rhodiola rosea, chromium picolinate, white kidney bean extract, and mulberry extract. By using these ingredients, Keto Crave Control is highly effective in helping in helping people curb their cravings.




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