One of the least known effects of pollution is on water’s energy. Decades of accumulating cloud cover has prevented water from absorbing the sun’s natural energy. In other words, water today does not vibrate as fast as it once did 60 to thousands of years ago. Most importantly, measurable amounts of far infrareds in water have diminished.

Far infrared (FIR) is an electromagnetic frequency between X-rays, ultraviolet (UV) rays and microwaves. FIR can penetrate water to become suspended inside of it. Since the body is mainly water, an individual can receive the benefits of FIR from exposure (i.e. from FIR lamps or saunas) and by ingesting FIR-rich beverages. The healing and detoxing benefits of FIR are attributed to its ability to increase blood flow, boost metabolism and boost immune systems by increasing T-cell production. FIR therapy has been found to help with weight loss, chronic fatigue, water retention, skin disorders and the elimination of heavy metals, poisons, and carcinogenic material.

Kiko Technology, using its patented kinetic energy delivery system (KEDS) restores FIR levels in water similar to what they were 60 to thousands of years ago by simply immersing the kiko cartridge in your liquid of choice.

Applications of Kiko include:

  • Increase far infrareds by Kiko-fying your beverages
  • Soften the mouthfeel of water
  • Reduce bitterness in coffee and tea
  • Enhance the flavor of wine, spirits and liquor
  • Remove spray-on pesticides from produce
  • Relieve minor skin irritations as a topical spray
  • Relieve the effects of diabetes
  • Increase vitamin absorption
  • Detox harmful chemicals and minerals
  • Grow greener grass
  • Grow healthy plants using fewer fertilizers, pesticides and nutrients
  • Reduce hard water stains
  • Promote healthier families, pets and plants

Kiko Gold

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